Maximising People Potential

Our suite of HR services focus on maximising people potential.

As an Outcome Results client, you have the opportunity to use one, or all of our services. Specialists from each division become your extended HR team who share knowledge, develop and deliver HR solutions for outstanding results.

Human Resources

Outcome Results are a group of HR specialists, including specialist consultants, with an integrated approach that links people and performance to real business outcomes. By maintaining a focus on your business vision and objectives, we’re able to clearly define and implement the role and functions or HR within your organisation. Outcome Results HR specialists are qualified and experienced experts in the implementation of people strategies that maximise productivity and valued outcomes. Outcome HR services include:

  • HR health checks
  • Policies and procedures
  • Workplace / industrial relations
  • Performance management
  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Job descriptions
  • Succession planning
  • Mentoring and coaching programs
  • Staff surveys
  • Employment contracts

Employee Retention

As an objective and confidential third party Outcome Results are able to gain a rich and accurate understanding of the root causes of employee turnover within an organisation and provide vital management information to the HR team to help them proactively drive business decisions.


Our in-house payroll solution gives clients the flexibility to outsource the payroll of Contract or temporary staff who have approached them directly.

Salary Surveys

This information helps the HR team to build up an ‘as is’ picture of local market pay rates for predefined key roles and the competitive realities they are facing.


Outcome Results training programmes builds on the skills and knowledge required by today’s and tomorrow’s business leaders and their employees. Delivered by qualified trainers, our programs boost confidence and lead to increased productivity and better performance. Broad ranging training programs are available for leadership roles, specialist functions, new employees and candidates. Corporate training includes programs covering:

  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Operations

Outcome Resourcing

Outcome Resourcing provides a selection of resources that can be utilised individually or in combination to:

  • Increase quality
  • Increase profit
  • Increase control
  • Reduce risk.

Below is a menu of services and processes that are specifically designed to achieve one or more of the four key deliverables. Each one is either a new unique concept and process or a commercially efficient derivative of an everyday project need.


Benefits Delivered

Pre-tender workforce planning support X X
Resource planning and workforce scheduling X X X
Major project workforce resourcing X X X
Team recruitment X X X
Provision of temporary or contract staff X X X
Labour hire and payroll services X X
Employment legislation advice X
Pre employment training and inductions X X X
Work based training and ticket upgrades X X X


Recruitment Partners

Outcome Results collaborate with our Recruitment Partners to design and implement innovative, tailored candidate sourcing and recruitment strategies that deliver candidates who are ideally suited to your job requirements, as well as matching the values and culture of your business. Their recruitment processes are underpinned by the latest technology and best practice systems ensuring candidates are screened and referred efficiently. Our Partners expert Recruitment team provides high levels of support and communication both pre and post placement. Our recruitment services cover the following:

  • temp
  • perm
  • labour hire
  • contract

Temporary Staff

To keep your objectives on track, Outcome Results can provide immediate access to a proven pool of technical, managerial, supervisory and operational staff who have the skills needed to hit the ground running.

Low-Cost, Fast Service

Our flexible workforce solution allows you to keep your overheads low and avoid the up-front expense and delays associated with establishing a permanent team.

There are no fixed rates for Outcome Results’ temp staff. This is because pay rates vary according to the skills and level of experience you require. As soon as we understand clearly what your requirements are, we deliver a competitive quote.

Permanent Recruitment

Outcome Results recognises that the recruitment of permanent staff requires individual attention to detail.

Industry Expertise

Using our industry sector expertise, Outcome Results adds value by providing strategic feedback about the competitive landscape, as well as overall recruitment guidance. Our consultative approach means that we invest time to understand your business and interpret each vacancy brief accurately.

Quick and Efficient Service

Once your requirements are agreed, Outcome Results act quickly and efficiently to target potential candidates through a combination of methods. These include matching to people currently working with us to find a suitable role; through our extensive relationships networks, as well as advertising in both traditional & online media, including the Outcome Results website.

Hassle-Free Recruitment

Outcome Results pre-screen and interview qualifying candidates before providing you with the best people for the job. We then arrange direct interviews and can help facilitate the negotiations for an acceptable offer.

Leadership and Management Appointments

The Outcome Results team are experts at finding and placing top level talent in a wide range of organisations.

Our search and selection process ensures that only the BEST candidates are identified and matched to a client’s specific requirements.

Outcome Results’ approach is based on understanding your business, it’s goals and aspirations and how the candidates will help grow your business. We build relationships with employers and cover at length your specific requirements: how the appointee will contribute to your success; what skills, experience and cultural fit are essential and the level of compensation that would be appropriate.

Based on your detailed brief, we then recommend the most appropriate candidate re-sourcing strategy, as well as expected timescales for placement. Where appropriate, we discuss the merits of advertising the vacancy, recommend media and write appealing and tailored copy to attract the right target audience. All copy is subject to approval and can either incorporate employer branding or be completely neutral for those assignments where discretion is required.

Labour Hire

Outcome Results’ Labour Hire Programs are bespoke outsourced solutions for the supply and management of your contract workforce.

In partnership with you, we design and deliver a solution to act as the single point of contact for your managers.

Features and Benefits

Cost savings are typically realised through a combination of the following features and benefits:

  • Dedicated and accessible account management.
  • One convenient channel for your Line Managers to place their requirements, leaving them free to concentrate on their core responsibilities.
  • Modular software to manage the entire work flow & processes.
  • Proactive resource planning.
  • Consolidated management information and invoicing.
  • Shared cost saving initiatives.